Due to the large product range, all products could not be listed please contact us for additional info info@dmsacc.co.za and we would be glad to attend to your request.

Our range of PI Tape products includes the following:

Pi Tape is the world leader in specialized precision measuring tape solutions for unique applications. In addition to an unparalleled range of stock instruments, Pi Tape VP and Quality Assurance Manager, Jerry Mathis, a 30 year veteran with our firm, continues to work with  innovators and talented engineers to develop specialized diameter
measuring tapes and custom measuring tools that enable progressive firms to accomplish their design and manufacturing goals. 

Products include:

  • Outside Diameter Tapes
  • Inside Diameter Tapes
  • Linear Rule
  • Circumference Tapes
  • O-Ring Tapes
  • Extended Range Tapes .01"/.5mm