About DMSA SA cc

Dimensional Metrology S.A cc established sometime ago. With single-minded dedication and determination. The founder Alvis Owen Ferris committed the company to supply professionally, competitively-effectively and on time the following range of services products with which he has familiarized himself with 30 years of expertise in the industry

Metrology as the co. name indicates-all forms and shapes in dimensional measurements- from a very basic micrometer to 2 and 3 dimensional measuring systems.

Thread gauging-All forms of threads metric fine, course, BA, BSP UN, NPT NGT etc (thread plugs & rings) or thread calipers roller form and knife edged.

Plain gauges-go/nogo plugs, rings ,setting discs precision pins and gap gauges. Cutting tools-slot drills, end mills, ball nose, woodruff, T-slot, diesinking, ripper S+f cutters etc. Tooling aids- wds handles, handwheels, star knobs, indexing plugers, kipp handles, round steel balls, precision T.C balls etc. In addition to the above whatever else we forgot to mention is available! (only a phone call away!)

We offer a range/selection of measuring equipment, cutting tools,nitrogen gas equipment and related products all under one roof. Metrology as the co.name indicates ,specialises in a ll forms and shapes as far as dimensional measurements are concerned. From a very basic micrometer, vernier, to 2 and 3 dimensional measuring systems.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that at present we are the sole agents for Azol gaz, Maricsas, Master Metrology, Tohatsu die springs. We also pride ourselves that we have dealings with top notch overseas suppliers as per our product range and brands list. In closing we would like to assure you that we at DMSA, would strive to do our level best in all spheres when dealing with your company and are looking forward to long and lasting partnership.

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